Gold Reserve Interior (FiveM)

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I have plenty of FiveM Addons on the website, and alot are free, but I do hope you buy some products too. have a great day.

WIP release of gold reserve MLO interior. Final version will include a escape tunnel and much more. A heist script is already up for sale on the website which has many many cool features that work together! including A rope to climb up and down will be included in the final version.

The client.lua includes some entitySets that you can enable or disable. Like closed vault door or destroyed version. This could be usefull for your own heist script.

If you have a onesync server I recommend adding “brown_goldreserve_milo_” to your interiorproxies.meta

Simply unzip and drag & drop to your ressources folder and write “start browngoldreserve” in your server.cfg.

Main doors: ch_prop_ch_glassdoor_01
Office doors: ch_prop_ch_service_door_02c
Elevator doors: v_ilev_fib_doore_l & v_ilev_fib_doore_r
Glass doors: ch_prop_ch_secure_door_l & ch_prop_ch_secure_door_r
Main vault door: ch_prop_ch_vaultdoor01x
Cell doors: v_ilev_fingate
Vault door: ch_prop_ch_vault_d_door_01a

Location: -1575.77000000, -557.00060000, 32.03579000

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