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BO1 ALL DLCS [Free Download]


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Installing the base game (BO2)#

This section will cover downloading a copy of BO2. Please skip this section if you already have a copy of the game.

Please note we highly recommend buying the game if you do not own it, it is the best way to get a copy of the game files that are up to date and not corrupt or changed in some way. Key sites will give you a decent discount.

  1. From the windows file explorer navigate to My PC, then to Local Disc (C:) and create a new folder called Games

Explorer steps 1-2

Explorer step 3

Explorer step 4


Torrenting copyright protected files might not be legal in your country even if you already own a valid license! We are not responsible for any legal issues and recommend you to use a fresh install from Steam or a VPN.

  1. Download/open your favourite torrent software. qBittorent Windows x64 is recommended: https://www.fosshub.com/qBittorrent.html
  2. Download the torrent file.
  3. Open the torrent file pluto_t6_full_game.torrent (from the previous step) it will open up your torrent client program and ask you where you’d like to save the game. SELECT THE GAMES FOLDER AS THE SAVE LOCATION, YOU CREATED IT IN STEP 1
  4. Start the download and wait till the download completes you will know it’s done when the progress changes to 100% and the status changes to Seeding.

Once it’s done you will have your copy of the game downloaded, here is an example of a completed base game folder:

Completed Game Folder


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