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picYear of release: October 7, 2021
Genre: Action (Shooter) / Open World / 1st Person
Developer: Ubisoft Toronto / Montreal / Kyiv / Shanghai / Berlin
Released: Ubisoft
Version: 1.5.0
Platform: Windows
Publication type: Unofficial
Interface language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American), Japanese, Korean, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Arabic, Thai
Voice language: Russian, English
Tablet: Sewn in (EMPRESS) )


Operating System: Windows 10 20H1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon 460
Audio Card: OS Compatible
Disk Space: 81 GB

Availability of advertising: No advertising


Immerse yourself in a dark story of revolution in the modern world and free an entire people from the oppression of a dictator and his son.

– The HDTextures pack was cut out, nothing was recoded;
– Additions included in the release:
• Chorizo ​​costume and a magnificent discom launcher
• Jungle Expedition set
• Crocodile Hunter set
• Vice set
• Season Pass (which includes:)
• Blood Dragon Set
– Blood equipment set Dragon
– AJM9 Weapon
– Kobracon Weapon
– Omega Enforcer Car
– KillStar Weapon Charm
– Amigo K-9000
– Chibi Bloody Dragon for Transport
• Post-game story additions
– Vaas: Madness
– Pagan: Contro
– Joseph: Collapse

– Combination of text and voiceover languages ​​- in the process of installation;
– Installation time – 17 minutes (depending on the configuration of your PC).
Unlocking additional content and installing modifications
• In order to unlock these items, as well as install other modifications, use the following instructions:

• Chorizo ​​Outfit and Amazing Disc Launcher
• Jungle Expedition Pack
• Crocodile Hunter Pack
• Vice Pack
• Season Pass (includes: )
• Blood Dragon Set
– Blood Dragon Equipment Set
– AJM9 Weapon
– Kobracon Weapon
– Omega Enforcer car
– KillStar weapon charm
– Amigo K-9000
– Bloody Dragon chibi for transport

1. Be sure to uncheck the “read-only” checkbox from the game folder (if you haven’t already done so), otherwise nothing will work with unlocking content/installing mods
2. Return the original, non-hacked game files (copy the contents of the archive to the folder with the game, confirming the replacement) – Download [ mirror ]
3. Download [ mirror ], unpack it to a convenient place and run FC6ModInstaller.exe from the ModInstallerFC6 folder, select the language, specify the path to the FarCry6.exe file from the bin folder, let it check the game files and do not close it
4. Download [ mirror ] and unpack the hacked files into the game folder (confirming the replacement of files)
5. Download [ mirror ] archive with unlockers and unpack its contents into the ModInstallerFC6\ModifiedFilesFC6 folder
6. Modifications will appear in the list of mods. Select either FC6 Total Unlocker or FC6 Season Pass, Starter Pack, Vaquero Bundle Unlocker (if you select both at once, the game will crash to the desktop, while remaining a process in the Task Manager)
7. Click “Install”, wait until the operation is completed, close Far Cry 6 Mod Installer and launch the game in the usual way. Unlocked items will become available when you build a “Partisan Garrison” in the game.

• Regarding point 6. You can bypass the game crash and unlock everything that is possible.
1. Using Far Cry 6 Mod Installer, activate and install first only FC6 Season Pass, Starter Pack, Vaquero Bundle Unlocker
2. A trainer for the game and a hack for endless game currency will help you [ download | mirror ] (Start the game, minimize it, launch the trainer, return to the game, press the key combination Alt+Num 7 (keyboard block with numbers), hear a characteristic sound)
3. After activating the trainer for endless money, buy everything that is available to you in Partisan garrison, save and exit the game.
4. Remove the FC6 Season Pass, Starter Pack, Vaquero Bundle Unlocker mod (there will be a block of information below about removing and adding new mods), add and activate FC6 Total Unlocker. (Any other mods that do not add items to the Guerrilla Garrison can be applied at the same time.)

• Removing and installing modifications:
1. Before installing new modifications, delete the following files Modlnstallerlnstalled.bin, patch.dat, patch.fat, ModlnstallerList.bin, patch.fatrtroBak, along the path Far Cry 6\data_final\pc
2. Return the original, non-hacked game files ( copy the contents of the archive to the game folder, confirming the replacement) – Download [ mirror ]
3. Run Far Cry 6 Mod Installer and remove modifications that you do not need, do not close it
4. Add modifications that you want to add to the ModInstallerFC6\ModifiedFilesFC6 folder install them
5. Download [ mirror ] and unpack the hacked files into the game folder (confirming the replacement of files)
6. Run the game in the usual way

Sites from which you can take modifications:
– https://downloads.fcmodding.com/fc6/libertad-mod/
– https://www.nexusmods.com/farcry6/mods/trendingalltime/

The current version of Far Cry 6 Mod Installer is here:
– https://downloads.fcmodding.com/fc6/mod-installer/

All information was taken from the Far Cry 6 thread from the forum:
– https://cs.rin.ru/forum


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