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Are you looking for the ultimate stress relief companion? Look no further than the Matt Sowards 2024 Fidget Toy! This innovative toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment and relaxation, making it a must-have for anyone seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

This unique fidget toy features six sides that offer different textures and functions to keep your hands busy and your mind at ease. From pressing buttons to squishing its soft body, each movement provides a satisfying sensory experience that can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Whether you’re at work, school, or home, this squishy worm is compact enough to take with you wherever you go.

  • 🌟【FUNNY WORM TOY】【FUNNY WORM TOY】Fidget Worm are exciting gifts for children and Kids of almost all ages love them. You can gift them to anyone irrespective of their age or gender. At the office, classroom, in a meeting or watching TV. Making every more ! It will bring you and let the anxiety go away.
  • 🌟【FIDGET WORM TOYS】 : The Fidget Worm Toys not can relieve stress, but also can improve the ability of hand-eye coordination,motor skills,and thinking.This multipurpose fidget toy is the perfect game for parents, elderly, children, and adults to play. Have anywhere anytime with this great sensory tool.
  • 🌟【INTERACTIVE GIFT】 : Feeling stressed and on ? it. This fidget slug toy will get you feeling fast.Effectively relieve your stress and anxiety of long hours of work and study. It also can be an effective toy to help kids and focus
  • 🌟【PERFECT GIFTS】Our Fidget Worm for kids adapted exquisite , design,portable and lightweight.The have can be applied in various , you can wear them attending weddings, engagements, bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas parties, New Year’s Day parties, formal events, vacation trips to the beach, etc, and even daily wear.The ribbon will be served as a nice addition to any gifts for family and , such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas
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4 reviews for Fidget Worm Toy

  1. Xbob42 (verified owner)

    My partner and I are both neurospicy, and we’ve have been trying a variety of fidget toys as of late. This one is certainly one of our favorites so far.

    It’s really just multiple pieces of plastic all wedged amongst one another to form this moveable shape. The plastic on this one is completely finished and smooth (we’ve tried a couple of unfinished ones too, and the texture on those makes our skin crawl– zero sensory issues like that with this one). The way it can move and apply pressure to whatever points of contact you have on it is quite soothing if you’re someone who needs touch stimulation. All of the pieces move smoothly, enhancing this effect.

    While the plastic itself doesn’t seem durable enough to withstand typical child’s play, I do recommend this for any ND adults who are looking for self-soothing methods in the form of fidget toys. It’s inexpensive, keeps your hands occupied, and makes your brain go brrrrr. Can’t ask for much more than that!

  2. David (verified owner)

    This fidget toy is cool, but it only goes in two directions and you lose interest pretty quickly. The material is plastic so it’s not as fun to play with as rubber fidget toys.

  3. Herbert L. Coleman, Ph.D (verified owner)

    I am an avid collector of fidget toys at work, and this is one of my favorites in the collection. Mainly because of its uniqueness in how it works and how it is designed. So this has a limited range of motion, but after having it a while, it is so easy to pick up and manipulate, and you don’t realize you have been using this for 15 minutes at a time, often over other items of fidget design, just because of it’s unique design.

    It is well made, looks very cool, and doesn’t seem easy to break or fall apart. I have had no issues with this mechanically. On my desk, it is usually the item that the visiting co-worker asks to see and play with because of it’s new look.

  4. Football Mom of 2 (verified owner)

    From the video, I thought it would be softer. Make no mistake this is a hard plastic item. Still, it has that spring action that makes seem almost organic.

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